Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they've said about working with our team. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied client too!


Hire these guys!

I really can't say enough about Next Level - they were amazing. I googled around for the right organizer and felt like this was the right fit for me - after speaking to Emily that confirmed my instincts. The work that they did in my family room was a small miracle - and all in one day. They worked extremely hard and got done more than I could have in months and months. They will be doing other rooms as well and I really can't wait. If you are stressed by the clutter in your home but have no time - hire these guys!!!

Emily – Greenwich


Flying high for a week!

After you left I was flying high for a week!!

Erin – New Canaan


a MUST for moves…

Next Level Organizing is a MUST for moves or any organizational home projects that you may have been putting off or otherwise can’t find time for. Their team has unpacked boxes and organized closets, kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, garages and basements for my family for our last two moves. They were my first call when we bought our first house recently. They came the day of our move and had everything unpacked and even removed empty boxes and packing material on THE DAY OF OUR MOVE, making the whole process seamless and enjoyable for my family. They are efficient, professional, and wonderful ladies- worth every penny!

Lis – Greenwich


I would hire her AGAIN and AGAIN!!

Emily and her team are amazing! I initially found Emily through google and decided to reach out based on her website and credentials (as one of CT's Certified Professional Organizers), but I ultimately hired her after meeting her during our consultation. She was so sweet and professional and put me at ease regarding the sheer volume of organizing that I required. On the day of, she arrived with all the necessary tools in-hand and set to work cleaning out an entire bedroom full of clothes, gathered and piled up over the last decade (at least). She helped me sort through what to get rid of (recycle), what to donate, what to sell, and what to keep. She is thorough and quick and everything looked fantastic when she was done. She even brings your donated goods for you. I re-hired her for a subsequent organizing job based on how happy I was with the bedroom/clothing. I would hire her AGAIN and AGAIN! Highly recommend, 10/10!

Sarit – Westport


Emily’s organizational skills are impeccable!

Emily’s organizational skills are impeccable ! I’ve worked with Emily and seen her work first hand. She and her team are thoughtful, upfront and the results are visually pleasing ! Highly recommend Emily and her team at Next Level Organizing !

Vineet - Fairfield County

Organized colorful books

…one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.

Hiring NEXT LEVEL to organize my office was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. My home office was a cluttered mess: piles on the desk and floor, too many books on too-small shelves, file cabinet drawers stuffed with things I wasn’t using because I couldn’t find them. I had one drawer (we all have that one drawer, right?) that every time I opened it up, I quickly shut it again so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. With my busy schedule, it was hard to find time to tackle it all. When I did have time, it felt way too overwhelming. Emily’s gentle and thorough process was exactly what I needed to create the space I wanted. In no time at all, we sorted through everything, including that scary drawer. I was surprised at how easy it was, how painless. The more we did, the more I wanted to do. 

Emily is kind, nonjudgmental and gently firm when necessary. She is such a pleasure to work with. Now I have an office that feels expansive, with plenty of room for me to work and grow my business. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Lisa – New Canaan

Organized towels in laundry room

You totally get it!

"You totally get it! It looks so great!"

Sue – New Canaan

organized laundry & mudroom

This was so amazing!

"This was so amazing!"

Carrie – Darien

colorful cookbooks & vases

The results totally exceeded my expectations!

"I hired Emily because (despite being a very tidy family), we are not organizational experts - and I wanted to see if an ‘expert’ could fix the two ‘command center’ spaces in our home (aka - the mudroom and multipurpose pantry/storage cupboards), and make them more functional and prettier. I just couldn’t get them ‘right’ despite my many attempts to do it myself.  Mind you, these areas were NOT total disasters - but I desperately wanted them to be BETTER - clean/pretty/functional...once-and-for-all.  I was just so sick of cleaning these spaces, buying bins to store things in...and..the end result was always the same...the spaces would look pretty for a little while...but the bins didn’t quite fit, didn’t match, items were stored in illogical ways...and the next thing you know, things were a mess again because I had to tear apart the pantry searching in vain for an extension cord or a needle-and-thread or command hooks to hang a Christmas wreath....but they were squirreled away in an unmarked box.

I decided, for my own sanity...I was finally going to outsource the organizing to an expert because...I’d probably waste more money buying ill-fitting bins than the amount Emily would cost. I decided it was worth splurging and getting it “right”.  The results totally exceeded my expectations. I am embarrassed to admit that I keep looking at my closets and mudroom because - it’s so uplifting! I never thought Emily could find a way to make scores of mundane household items (think dish towels, napkin rings, first aid supplies, etc) look so beautiful and easy to access at the same time. It’s thrilling and so motivating. It has inspired me to keep every closet in my home immaculate. It was worth every penny and totally reinforced my decision. (I’ll be totally honest, I had low expectations. I thought that the people that would get the most out of an organizational expert would be sloppy-pack-rat-types but I was totally wrong. She helped our tidy family!!  I will absolutely hire Emily again...yes, it’s an expense...but it’s a luxury that is so worth it....in 5-6 hours Emily and her team fixed problem areas that I’ve struggled with for years...and that has gifted me more time with my family...and less stress...and it’s absolutely worth it."

Liz – Fairfield

Bathroom organization

Changed my life!

"I feel life you’ve just changed my life!!"

Claire – Greenwich

Pantry Organization

Each space looks great and so organized! I love it and couldn't do it on my own!

"I have been working with Emily for almost 10 years on various projects in my home as they arise. Most recently, I hired Emily to help me organize my master closet, master bathroom, guest bathroom, laundry room and mudroom. We wanted to better utilize our spaces and set up from the start some newly renovated rooms. We love how we can now see where everything belongs. My favorite part of my closet is that all of my shoes are now accessible and I wore so many more of them this season because I didn't have to go searching for them from a box somewhere. Each space looks great and so organized! I love it and couldn't do it on my own! I always enjoy working with Emily and happily recommend her services."

Marcella – Stamford

Organized Pantry

Room to breathe!

"...you and your team did such a great job.  Thank you thank you so much for everything! Everything has a place in our home now and it makes so much sense.  Room to breathe!"

Sarah – Greenwich

Design books

Amazing! You are all miracle workers!

"We are absolutely thrilled by everything you have done for us. All of your work has already allowed us to enjoy our home so much more.  My husband and I were just commenting that you and your team really changed our lives...everything just feels so much more Zen in our house.  We don't spend precious minutes hunting around for items anymore."

Kavitha – New Haven

Shoe organization

I look forward to our next project together!

"Thank you so much Emily for all your hard work...I always feel a little more "in control" after you have been here.  I look forward to our next project together!"

Trisha – Stamford

rainbow design books

Hiring Emily was the best decision I made in a long time - the only thing that would have been better is if I had hired her sooner!

"Emily is unbelievable, talented and a miracle worker.  I had been saying for years that it was silly to spend money and time worrying or organizing my closet.  But it was getting to the point where I couldn't find anything, I had duplicates of everything and I felt that my bedroom was overtaken by chaos.  Hiring Emily was the best decision I made in a long time - the only thing that would have been better is if I had hired her sooner!

She immediately came in, with a non-judgmental, but let's get down to business attitude, surveyed the situation and gently partnered with me to go through everything in an organized and systematic way.  She created the space for me to reclaim my space! She came equipped with various containers and boxes which made everything so easy and efficient. No more 'I'll go to Target to buy containers' and then leaving it in random piles.  She urged me to think about the uses of things and how to create more systems to better utilize limited amounts of space.

If you're thinking about getting an organizer, don't think anymore - just hire Emily and her team!  It's such a worthwhile investment, and I look forward to having Emily come back to help me with more rooms.  When Emily left, my whole room felt lighter and the room had a whole new energy. And she taught me how to maintain it all too.  I can't say enough good things about Emily - hire her today!"

Jenny – Fairfield

organized kids closet

We are so pleased with the work they did and won't hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone else in need of an organizer, designer or decorator!

"After our recent marriage, we had 2 apartments and no plan for how to combine them in to a place which we could all call home.  Emily made a couple of visits, got to know us, our preferences, and our tastes. Most of all, she listened to us, and that continued even as the work progressed...In less than a week, everything was sorted out and fell into place.  We couldn't be happier with the result!

Emily and her amazing team did everything from hanging pictures to setting up electronics, to organizing closets and storage areas, to helping with our filing system.  We are so pleased with the work they did and won't hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone else in need of an organizer, designer, or decorator!"

Tim – Stamford

organized desk drawer

My productivity is up and my stress is down.

"By the time I connected with Emily, my work processes were bordering on disastrous.  My desk overflowed with piles, including scraps of paper with the same to-do items written on them.  Every morning I'd scribble down things that I panicked about forgetting, but couldn't seem to actually get completed.  I worked in pure reaction mode, rather than responding.

In practically no time, Emily calmed me down.  She asked very specific question that got to the root of the problem and offered suggestions for change, all in a very calm and soothing way.  Since working with Emily, I'm building a trusted system to store all of my tasks. I've crafted a model week to help guide me as I schedule my time.  And I can see the actual surface of my desk! Now I feel like I'm more in control and able to respond to things. My productivity is up and my stress is down.  Thank goodness for Emily!"

Lisa – New Canaan

organized pantry

I would recommend Emily to anyone looking to get organized.

"Feeling as though our home of four years was becoming increasingly disorganized, I did a Google search for professional organizers and came across Emily's website.  Emily came to my house and I immediately felt at ease with her. Emily has a calm and efficient approach to sorting, grouping and creating an organized system to store the stuff that was scattered and cluttered all over my room. In less than a day my workspace was completely transformed and functional.  Emily and her team came back and tackled my laundry room, pantry, basement and kids' closets. I have tried many times to organize my home myself and almost every time the organizing systems I create, while 'pretty' at first, become too cumbersome and difficult to maintain. I can honestly say that is not the case with Emily's organizing - everything has its place, it makes sense and is straightforward to maintain, all while looking 'pretty'.  Now that my house is organized in a way I am able to maintain I feel a sense of relief and free to focus my energy on other projects. I would recommend Emily to anyone looking to get organized."

Kate – Fairfield

organized sock drawer

Emily and her team are amazing...They have changed my life...Best money I ever spent.

"Emily and her team are amazing!  The organizational systems they put in place in my house (including the basement and garage) are extremely thorough and well planned based on my needs and how my family functions.  They have changed my life: I spend a lot less time looking for items, I save money because I am not buying items that I already have but can't find, and most importantly I feel relaxed and calm in my house.  Best money I ever spent."

Alexandra – New Haven

acrylic tray

We loved everything Emily did for us and wish she could live with us forever!

"We hired Emily as we were moving from our rental after selling our home, into our new house. We were completely overwhelmed with the thought of moving in not only ourselves but our three children under 6. We had a two car garage packed to the brim with all of our belongings. I could not even look at the garage without wondering how we were ever going to get settled. Thats when we heard about Emily and her amazing services.

After Emily worked her magic (and it is magical what she does), our home is organized and able to operate efficiently. Everything is in its place and sorted and organized in a manner that makes sense. Our kitchen was completely put away and we created labeled bins for other areas of the home so where everything “lives” makes sense. We could not have been comfortable in our home a mere three days after moving in without Emily. We loved everything Emily did for us and wish she could live with us forever! 🙂 "

Taylor – Fairfield

kids closet organization

Emily has been invaluable in helping me to stay on top of things.

"My close friend, whose organized home I had always admired, recommended Emily to me. Living in a large house with small children makes it very difficult and very necessary to stay organized. I felt overwhelmed by all that needed to be done.

Emily has been invaluable in helping me stay on top of things. She has done many projects for us (ranging from making my closet look beautiful to helping manage a move), and every time she brings a very unique and remarkable talent for organization. She stays focused and is also able to keep me focused.

Her kind spirit makes purging and finding a place for everything a pleasant experience. We still use every system that Emily has put in place, and she has created a lightness in our home that feels great. I have worked with many organizers and can truly say Emily is the best."

Scottie – Greenwich

organized ties

After my office was organized and uncluttered, I felt proud...

"When I called Emily to help me with my office it was because a friend had come over and commented on how messy my desk was and how she thought it was inconsistent with the professional, successful person that I appeared to be.  Needless to say, I was embarrassed.

Emily came over and by the time she left, my desk was clear and there were systems in place to help me keep it that way.  Beyond just cleaning the mess and clutter, Emily really thinks about how I use my spaces and how to do that most efficiently and sensibly, still respecting the quirky patterns or routines I might have but making them work better.

After my office was organized and uncluttered, I felt proud, even though that sounds silly.  And it's a lovely space to work in which was nearly impossible before I cleared my desk. We're not done and there are more files to go through and additional culling and re-purposing but I feel more able to be productive because of the order.  And the same is true in my pantry and bathroom storage closet. I proudly sent pictures to my kids to show them since they also comment on the clutter, even though they usually contribute to it.

What I can say about Emily is that she is truly non-judgmental and I've exposed some pretty ugly spaces to her and she never makes me feel bad about them.  I always feel like I've accomplished a lot when we're done and Emily always reinforces that in a genuine way. She is a delight to be around which is helpful when you're up to your elbows in the messes that we've worked through.

I have and will continue to recommend Emily.  Her work is excellent and she is a lovely person."

Barbara – Rye

organized shoes

I could not have been more pleased with Emily's work.

"I hired Emily because I was overwhelmed moving from a larger family home into a smaller space. I didn't know what to save and what I should discard.  I needed guidance and practical insight. Most importantly, I didn't have the time to devote to the move to make it a smooth transition for me and my husband.
Emily met with me, asked me what was important to me and what my priorities were. She helped me whittle down the "stuff" that had taken over our lives and our home. And when I had to be away on the actual move day, she orchestrated a seamless move.  I came back to a settled, organized space. My husband still raves about the ease of the move. I could not have been more pleased with Emily's work. She is a gem!"

Rose – Shelton

kitchen organization

...Everything is exactly where I need it to be

"Going through the trauma of a divorce is devastating. Packing up a house and downsizing to boot added to the emotional upheaval. That’s where Emily came in.

Once I turned the project over to Emily, I truly let go of worry about any of the details no matter how large or small. I knew I was in good hands. I was 100% right. Now, from the warmth and comfort of my gorgeous, albeit small apartment, everything is exactly where I need it to be.

I allowed Emily to fully take over the project, and didn’t lose one wink of sleep. Waking up here everyday now convinces me that hiring Emily was the sunlight in an otherwise bleak experience

Anonymous – Fairfield County

utility room organization

…Boxes completely unpacked within two days…

"Not only did Emily have our boxes completely unpacked within two days, the organizational systems she put in place are still a huge help in keeping us organized to this day!"

Lauren – Greenwich

lazy susans

Emily’s 'Getting Settled' service was worth every penny!!!

"Emily’s 'getting settled' service made our move very easy.  Everyone usually dreads the moving process, but with Emily’s help, it was much easier and much more manageable.  Her service was top notch and she was a pleasure to work with. I would say that Emily’s 'getting settled' service was worth every penny!!!   We will certainly use her for our next move.

Dylan – Greenwich

sheet folding

I went from 'overwhelmed' to 'now I have a plan'.

"I went from 'overwhelmed' to 'now I have a plan'. Thanks again for your help!"

Carol – Fairfield

*For privacy purposes, photos are from completed projects but not testimonial specific.