Initial Consult.

Once you’ve been in touch with us, our first step is to schedule an initial consult in your home. This typically takes 60-90 minutes and is our opportunity to see what your needs are in the actual space. It is also the time when we talk about specific challenges, brainstorm ideas, discuss any necessary product and take measurements as needed. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other to ensure we can achieve together your desired goals.

Cost: $100


Organize: Sort. Decide. Contain. Label.

Our hands-on organizing sessions are customized to fit each of our clients’ needs. Our typical sessions are 5 to 8 hours long with 1 to 5 organizers as needed. During our working sessions we sort, make decisions, containerize and label your belongings. The actual organizing session is as unique as each of our clients. Some clients prefer to work with us side by side while other clients go about their lives and we check-in as needed in person, via images or over the phone. We can supply containers or use what you have. We provide simple labels or premium custom vinyl labels to fit our clients needs.

Cost: $75-90/hour per team member



We are often asked if the systems we develop stay perfect after we leave. The truth is….sometimes. More often then not, the systems we create need maintenance. This is not due to poor planning but rather due to changing circumstances, seasons, and growth. Once a system is in place it is SO much easier to maintain. We love working with our clients again and again to switch out seasonal wardrobes & mudrooms, address life changes and tackle new projects. We truly love being a service provider you can count on to elevate your home to your current lifestyle time and time again.

Cost: $75/hour per team member


Ready to take your home to the NEXT LEVEL?