Share Your Photos


If you own a smartphone I can safely assume you have lots of photos on your device. I mean LOTS! Having all those images at your fingertips is wonderful for many reasons...yet so often most of those images just sit there not being enjoyed and shared.

One of my favorite features of having an Apple iPhone* is the ability to share images easily with my family and close friends. All of us (on here anyway :)have social media accounts where we have the ability to share our special photos and videos. Despite that however, there are so many more moments we capture that we don’t want EVERYONE we know to see but would love to share them with our nearest and dearest.

Creating “Shared” albums in your Photos app allows you to create safe, private albums where you can share photos and videos with select friends and family who also use Apple products. Your album stays private within your group and you can take it down any time.


1.) In the Photos app on your phone, tap “shared” at the bottom of the screen then tap + button at the top left.
2.) Enter a name for your shared album i.e. “Smith Kids” or “European Vacation” then tap next.
3.) Invite people to subscribe by tapping the + button to select from your contacts, then tap Create.
4.) To let invitees add their own photos and videos to your shared album, tap the album in the Shared Album list, tap People, then turn on Subscribers Can Post.

Using the shared albums over the last few years with my closest family and friends has been such a fun way to stay connected.

Do you use this feature? If so, what do you enjoy about it?

*We are focusing on Apple Photos as that is the program most of our clients use and we use ourselves.