Favorite Your Photos


In honor of Save Your Photos month, we’ve been sharing our favorite tips to save, share and enjoy your photos. Today’s simple tip is to “favorite” your most favorite photos. Many of you probably already do this, but if you don’t this would be a great feature to try...and I’ll tell you why we love it so much (I think you’re going to love it too)!

To “Favorite” on your iPhone*:
Select the image you want to favorite.
Tap the heart icon underneath the image. If you accidentally favorite an image you didn’t mean to, simply tap the heart again. And that’s it. If working in the Photos app on your computer, again find an image (or images) you want to favorite then select the heart icon in the upper right hand corner.

HERE’S OUR FAVORITE PART—-> we love this feature sooo much because then all your favorite images then automatically get saved in one convenient album called “Favorites”. ***This is my not to secret secret for making quick and easy yearly photo albums*** If you remember to favorite your best images throughout the year (or even play catch up here and there), making a “Best of 2018” album will be super easy. This eliminates those endless hours of searching through your thousands of images and trying to locate your favorites on December 31st-it’s already done! We’ll elaborate a bit more on turning your favorites into albums in our next tip.

In addition to helping make albums quickly, it’s plain convenient to have your favorite images in one place. Just yesterday I had a client I hadn’t seen in a couple of years ask to see a photo of my kids...I was able to quickly grab my phone, go to my favorites and show a couple of super cute (if I do say so myself ❤️) recent images of them & totally bypass any random screenshots, work photos, and mediocre photos mixed in.

We love when things are simplified! Do you favorite your most favorite images? We’d love to hear from you.

*We are focusing on Apple Photos as that is the application most of our clients use and we use ourselves .