Enjoy Your Photos


If you’ve been following along with our Save Your Photos month tips to save, share and enjoy your photos you already know how to “favorite” your best photos. Check out our post from Friday if you missed it. 

Here’s how to do it:
Make sure you have all your best photos from the year tagged as favorites (this must be done first).

Select File> New Smart Album

Name your album, for example “Smith Family Best of 2017”

Next you will set your criteria for the album. From the first drop down box select photo and from the next select is and from the last select favorite. Click the + to add additional criteria. In the new row of drop down boxes select date captured, is the range, and set the range (1/01/2017 to 1/31/2017 or whichever dates you want to include)

You will notice that a new drop down box has now been added to the drop down window. You will want to change the selection from any—->all. This will ensure all your conditions are met for the album. Click OK.

Hooray!!! Your new album will now appear under the My Albums tab on the left side of your screen. All of your favorite photos from the year are now in one place!!! Woohoo!!! Now you can create the physical album.

Select your new album “Smith Family Best of 2017” and click create. Then select Books if you want to print through Apple or choose More to select and download apps like Shutterfly or Mpix.

You will likely spend some time selecting themes and adjusting some layouts but the major task of selecting your photos has been tackled.

If you choose to print an album using another vendor or want to hire someone else to design and customize an album for you, you now have all of your favorite photos together for exporting for this purpose

Need help creating an heirloom album for your family to enjoy? We love doing this for our clients!!!

We hope you enjoyed this tip. We’d love to hear your method for creating fun family albums.

*We are focusing on Apple Photos as that is the application most of our clients use and we use ourselves.