Creating a Photo Hub


A photo hub is the foundation of an organized photo collection, but what exactly is it? It is one designated spot where ALL of your photos live. When your photos live in multiple locations, it makes sorting and locating them difficult and even stressful. Creating a photo hub will make it easier to locate your images as well as put a backup system into place (👈🏻!!!).

If your photos are spread over multiple platforms and media, then it’s time to designate a photo hub. Not sure where to start? Read on to find out what steps you can take to put a photo hub in place:

1.) Figure out where you want ALL of your images to live. Our recommendation would be to use your computer however, if your collection is extensive, storing all of your photos on your computer may not be an option. In that case, we recommend a local external hard drive. We use Apple Photos for our photo hub because it makes organizing, sharing and sorting so easy!

2.) The next step is to integrate your current collection into your photo hub. Make a list of where all of your images are currently being stored. This includes camera cards, CDs, phones, tablets, computers, USBs, photo storage sites like Shutterfly, and social media sites like Facebook. Slowly work through your list and copy these images into your new hub. Be sure not to delete anything until after you have backed up your photo hub. Remember, you don’t need to do this all in one day!

Establishing a photo hub may seem like a daunting process, but once you have one set in place, it will make enjoying your photos so much easier! We will talk about adding metadata to your newly added images on Friday for easy searching.